Top 5 Walks In Surrey

Although Surrey is just an hour’s journey from London by train, it is an area of idyllic tranquillity and boasts miles of stunning countryside to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. This summer, why not get your walking boots on and explore Surrey by foot, trailing through atmospheric forests, along elevated hillsides and past picturesque villages. Once you take your first step, you won’t be able to stop…


1. Windlesham Arboretum

This is undoubtedly one of Surrey’s best kept secrets as, tucked away from prying eyes behind tall, wispy hedges, most residents of the village are oblivious to it’s existence. Windlesham Arboretum is a truly magical place flanked by brooding trees, lakes and crumbling historic monuments and makes for a perfect group or solitary day out. There are two public footpaths to be enjoyed there ensuring you get the most out of this stunning area, but many decide to veer off course in order to pave their own path…

2. The Mount

The Mount takes you on a journey unlike most of Surrey’s walking trails. As the name suggests, you are taken up high over a scenic hill that towers above Guilford. But it’s the view from the top that’s really something to write home about as, just a short walk across an ancient track way, you’ll be welcomed by stunning far-reaching views across the City of London thirty-miles or so away. Local townsfolk are privy to this spot but it is rarely frequented so be prepared to enjoy the views in idyllic isolation. Don’t forget your binoculars!

3. Box Hill Stepping Stones

If you’re looking for a fun-packed, active family day out, then look no further than Box Hill. Running along (and through!) the beautiful River Mole, this trail takes you past some stunning spots including the area’s oldest building, The Fort. The views across the natural landscape are second to none and the Natural Play Trail is a great place for children to practice everything from balancing to den making. The Stepping Stones at Box Hill are an iconic landmark in Surrey and are the perfect place to stop, frolic, take a breather and watch the river flow by.

4. The North Downs National Trail

Re-write the Doomsday book and re-tread the footsteps of pilgrims on this inspiring 153-mile journey from Farnham to Canterbury along the White Cliffs of Dover and through a striking landscape rich in heritage. On the way, you’ll pass a number of quaint villages that are home to a variety of country pubs where you can stock up on much needed fuel. While the trail is predominantly for walkers, there are sections open to cyclists and horse riders.

5. Bookham Common

Bookham Common is a place for everyone and features a range of small ‘off the beaten track’ trails, longer more scenic strolls as well as cycling paths and horse riding routes. If you decide to walk the path that has been set out, you’ll find yourself in the midst of one of the best forests in England to spot the elusive Purple Emperor butterfly. This is a perfect family activity so get ready to run after them and see how many you can spot as you walk this truly Newcourt inspired trail…


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